Recently I’ve been working on a few projects in my spare time, most of these are available Github.

A reusable Docker configuration for hosting Wordpress websites, this was originally created for a friend’s startup and used it as a reason to dive into Docker more. I wrote about it more here

Real Estate

I’m moving apartments in July and wanted a better way to search for potential apartments near the suburbs I want to move to. This was also an excuse for me to delve into Vue.js, Node and Typescript a bit more.

What I wanted from the project is a simple site allowing me to easily view all available apartments in the suburbs I’m interested. I decided to extend the idea a bit more and added:

  • A table view of apartments with information about them

  • A map view showing all apartments on a map

Custom Bootstrap

A ready-to-go customized version of Bootstrap that is designed for use in my side projects, reducing the amount of duplicated styles I rewrite for each new project.

Project link