Roy Portas
Roy Portas

Roy Portas

Hi, I'm Roy Portas. I'm a Brisbane-based Software Engineer with a passion in technology. I'm a full stack developer (depending on your definition) with experience in the full software development lifecycle, from frontend and backend code, to developing CI/CD pipelines to increase release cycles and streamline software delivery, to supporting that software in production by managing bare metal Linux servers using Ansible and Docker as well as deploying applications to Kubernetes clusters.


  • Software Engineering and Architecture
  • Over 4+ years of web development experience in various areas including transportation, government and academia using languages and frameworks including React, Redux, Typescript, Material UI, Webpack, C# (ASP.Net Core) and NodeJS
  • CI/CD pipelines, Configuration Management (Ansible and Chef), GIT and Jenkins
  • Container technologies Docker and docker-compose
  • Container orchestration using Kubernetes on Amazon EKS and self-hosted clusters using k3s
  • Internet of things and embedded systems, with experience in MQTT, Linux and C
    • Cloud Infrastructure including AWS (CloudFormation, API Gateway, Lambda and IoT Core)

Domain Specific Knowledge

  • Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Intersection Controllers
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