Setting up a Nomad dev environment on macOS

I found some tricks with getting a Nomad dev environment working reliably on Mac, particularly a Apple Silicon Mac.

I found the main problem was with how Docker Desktop doesn’t support IPv6, so if your Mac is connected to your network with a IPv6 address, Nomad will try to bound your containers to a IPv6 address which Docker Desktop can’t handle.


  1. Verify that your Mac has IPv6 configured correctly
    1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Click the “Details…” button next to your network
    2. Under “TCP/IP” set “Configure IPv6” to “Link-local only”
  2. Start Docker Desktop
  3. Start Nomad in a terminal (keep the terminal open in the background)
nomad agent -dev -bind -network-interface=en0
  1. Double check that Nomad is using an IPv4 address
    1. Visit http://localhost:4646/ in your browser
    2. Click “Clients” from the left sidebar
    3. Select the client, it should be named the same as your Mac’s hostname
    4. Under “Attributes” check the value, it should be an IPv4 address (if its a IPv6 address, check Step 1)

You might need to repeat Step 1 if you connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

For more information, see my Dev Environment notes.